Secure Accurate Verifiable Elections - S.A.V.E Democracy


S.A.V.E. Democracy is currently operating on a shoestring. Volunteers thus far have done all of our work, and all expenses have been paid out of very, very shallow pockets. We need money for all of the usual things, web page and forum costs, office supplies, phone calls, etc. In the future we will need funds for lots of other efforts listed under Actions Directed Toward Achieving These Goals.

At this point in time we can only provide information, act as a catalyst and provide a forum. Until and unless money comes in to pay people to work part or full time we simply are far too stretched to do much more. The SAVE Democracy list of goals and actions should be helpful. We would like to do more to assist and encourage people to organize and be active locally. So get some funds coming in so that we can do more. Do some fundraising or whatever works.

We are in the process of developing a budget plan and will post it when it is finished. However, we are so busy currently that we do not know when we will get the plan done. If you are good at business planning submit some ideas to and maybe together we can get the plan finished more quickly. We have a democratic Republic to save, so jump in and help in any way you are able and feel called.

We have received a few small donations and we greatly appreciate them. THANK YOU!!

Make out checks to: Victoria House Press

Send donations to:

Victoria House Press
PO Box 120
Taos , NM 87571