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Vote Fraud:
The Foxes Are Guarding The Hen House 


by Lotus

The foxes I am referring to are frequently the county and city clerks, and Secretaries of State. The hens are our ballots.

We are increasingly expected to simply trust these officials. Yet these same officials have allowed our election process to be terribly compromised by purchasing vote counting computers that increasingly are designed to facilitate vote fraud. They have eliminate any meaningful roll for poll watchers, and in some cases have developed an incestuous relationship with vote counting computer vendors.

Clerks and secretary of states are not neutral independent officials. They are either elected or appointed depending on the office they occupy and where it is located. The clerks and Secretaries of State are the people currently in power. Election judges and other election officials are usually selected by the clerks so that almost none of the people running elections is independent; and none of the election officials represent the interests of those who are not in power and are running for office, or are supporting a ballot proposal.

In the past, probably because of vote fraud, the position of poll watcher was created so that there would be people present at elections to observe the vote count, people who were not selected by those in power. Individuals who are running for office, or individuals who have initiated a ballot proposal that is being voted on, at least here in Colorado , select the Poll watchers. However, when black boxes are used to count the ballots (assuming there are ballots), i.e., when computers with secret software count the ballots, all that the poll watchers get to see is ballots being put into the black box, into the computer. The poll watchers are not allowed to see a vote count any more. The poll watchers have no idea how the votes are being counted, or whether or not the count is accurate. Almost all clerks have gone along with this slight of hand, with eliminating the all important roll of poll watchers in elections observing an actual vote count.

Clerks and Secretaries of State have become experts at smoke and mirrors.

Many of the computers used to count votes even have a test mode. The testing that is done in test mode is just smoke and mirrors, since the mode that is actually used to count the votes is not the mode being tested.

The reason that S.A.V.E. Democracy advocates the hand counting of paper ballots on the same day as the election is because otherwise the people in power will have opportunity to alter the ballots.

We are told that the election ballots are stored in a "secured room." This is simply more smoke and mirrors. The people who have "secured" this room are the people in power. The people in power are the ones who put thelock on the door; they are the ones who have the key! The poll watchers are not allowed to put a lock of their own on the door to this so - called "secured room." The people in power can go into this room whenever they want to. From the perspective of the people running for office who are not in power, this room is not secure at all, certainly not secure from the people in power.

Ballots, when they are used, are also supposed to be secure because they are put in boxes and the boxes are secured with numbered seals. However, several different companies make seals so all an official has to do in order to acquire identical seals is order seals having the same numbers from a different vendor. More smoke and mirrors. The seals are also regularly broken en route to the central counting facility. New seals are put on the boxes with no investigation into how or why they were broken in the first place.

Increasingly computer experts are talking about how secure the vote counting computers are, whether they can be hacked into, back doors entered, etc. But what about the people in power who purchase and control these computers, and contract with the vendors? The people in power do not have to hack into the computers. They are the ones in control of the computers. Most clerks think that a secret vote count that they control, but that no one else can observe, is just fine. Pretty foxy, these clerks and Secretary of States.

There is also increasing evidence of an incestuous relationship between clerks and vendors. There are even some cases of public election officials going to work for vendors.  See ejfi.org/Voting/Voting-3.htm p 5, "Election officials and voting system Vendors," BlackBoxVoting.org free book Black Box Voting chapter 16 and others, and the article "Questions And Answers From Dr. Charles Corry".

I testified a few years ago in front of a Colorado legislative committee in a large room full of people. I referred to the positions of clerk and Secretary of State as foxes in charge of the hen house, foxes in charge of protecting our votes. The legislators understood my point immediately, and the clerks and Secretary of State were put on the defensive.

Even if we are not able to document vote fraud, especially when these computers lend themselves so well to concealing vote fraud, do not hesitate to refer to the positions of clerk and Secretary of State as having the very real potential of the foxes guarding the hen house.