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Questions And Answers From Dr. Charles Corry

1.  In your opinion, how much more reliable and secure is the computer vote count in an election likely to be, or to what degree is it likely to discourage vote fraud, if, for example, .5% of an election vote count is randomly selected and counted by hand?

[Not a damn bit. If I were hacking the vote I'd hack the central computer, the voter registration database, and use absentee or mail ballots, none of which would be caught by a random recount of precincts.]

2.  Is the .5% vote count mentioned in 1. above, that is supposed to be randomly done, really likely to be random?  If your answer is not necessarily, depends on how the votes that are counted are selected to be counted, then do you think there is a way to reasonably assure that the random hand count truly is random, and if so, how?

[True randomness would be impossible, as well as meaningless. Might be better if the recounts were deliberately non-random and precincts picked by poll watchers or election workers for suspected or known trouble spots.]

3.  Is the following an accurate statement?
During 2001 the ACLU of Colorado suggested to the Colorado Secretary of State that Dr. Charles Corry be included on her Blue Ribbon Election Task Force since the Task Force had no independent computer security expert among its membership.  Dr. Corry was not allowed to become a member of the Blue Ribbon Election Task Force.

[Sue Armstrong, then Executive Director of the ACLU state affilliate,  wrote a letter to the Sec. of State Donetta Davidson in 2001 strongly recommending that I be added as an outside expert to the "Blue Ribbon" commission Davidson had established. My recollection is that the SoS didn't even bother to reply. In any event the only "experts" the commission heard were voting equipment vendors. No one on the commission had any discernible computer expertise.]