Secure Accurate Verifiable Elections - S.A.V.E Democracy

This action is being spearheaded by Bev Harris, author of Black Box Voting

Because so many areas have just gone barreling forward with these voting machines, and because we found when we did a small pilot project like I'm outlining below that it worked exceptionally well, we are rolling out THE CLEAN UP CREW. The concept behind it: By making it more expensive, uncomfortable and sometimes, embarrassing for county officials to use vapor ballots and weak auditing procedures, they'll be less interested in doing so.

Here's an update. Please feel free to pass this along, and/or get your group involved:

1. We are seeking exactly 2,004 Clean-Up Crew members, who will go undercover as poll workers, election judges, and poll watchers, with a checklist of problems to hunt for and a hotline to litigators and the media.

This is sort of a "Secret Shopper" program for democracy. Some Clean-Up Crew members will act as communications relays to get problems to the media instantly. Additional Clean-Up Crew members will collect information needed for prompt litigation. Some Clean-Up Crew members will monitor results for statistical anomalies.

2. Please submit your nomination for a county that needs special attention. The Top 10 Clean-Up Sites will each be assigned 100 undercover Clean-Up Crew members, blanketing every polling place with a Crew member.

3. Surprise: The Clean-Up Crew is a preventive measure. Any county official who does not use appropriate Clean Voting procedures (provided as part of this campaign) can expect to see reporters, documentary film crews, and litigators popping up all over their election. Who needs that headache? We encourage public officials to act proactively to get paper ballots and appropriate procedures in place to avoid messy Clean-Up situations.

4. You'll find all the ammunition you need to persuade folks in the latest (March 2004) version of the Black Box Voting book, from Talion Publishing. This is the correct Amazon address for book purchase:

5. This week, at, note that stunning security flaws were found in the Sequoia software, along with security breaches in the March 2 elections

6. If you can, please make a donation to

Bev Harris
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