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Statement from The National Ballot Integrity Project Task Force

The integrity of our electoral process is under attack. Unreliable and insecure electronic voting and vote counting systems threaten the democratic process. It's nothing less than a full frontal assault on democracy -- happening right under our noses-- and we, the American people, will not take it lying down. It's time for a return to transparency - time to shine a bright light into the black boxes of America's electronic voting systems, and time to reclaim our democracy.
Uniting and Amplifying the Voting Integrity Movement

The National Ballot Integrity Project Task Force was founded to unite and enhance the effectiveness of the already energized and motivated organizations, grassroots activists, concerned citizens and legislators who comprise the election integrity movement across the nation.

Our mission is to facilitate simultaneous action on multiple fronts by providing a framework and tools to improve communication and coordination among the diverse and dispersed community combating this urgent threat to democracy.
Simultaneous Action on Multiple Fronts

Our goal is to avert the threat of electronic vote rigging, hacking, accidental loss or misallocation of electronically recorded/reported votes - a disaster waiting to happen. To ensure that the results of the 2004 elections accurately reflect the intentions of the voters, the National Ballot Integrity Project presents a comprehensive plan of attack, coordinating a variety of organizations and individuals in implementing multiple simultaneous strategies at the national, state and local levels.

Members of the National Ballot Integrity Project are "watchmen on the wall." We are citizen patriots, voting integrity movement leaders, organizers, networkers, voting rights organizations, researchers/writers, business owners, investigators, attorneys, accountants, broadcasters, journalists, publicists, scientists, technologists, candidates, state legislators, members of Congress, national progressive organizations, and more. We are remarkably motivated, effectively connected, and united in our determination to guarantee the integrity of our democratic elections.

The National Ballot Integrity Project is guided by these principles:

* Voting accessibility for all citizens of legal age.
* Public oversight of all aspects of the election system.
* Accurate recording, counting and reporting of all votes cast.
* Independent exit polling for key federal and state elections.

A Flexible Organizing Template

Our organizational structure is comprised of a national coordinating committee, and task forces in the 50 states, each consisting of a variety of working groups, such as:

· Legal Options & Strategies · Legislative Options & Strategies · Media & Public Relations · Education & Awareness Outreach · Activist & Labor Outreach · Disability Issues Outreach · Rallies/Demonstrations · Political Contacts · Technology · Research Groups*
* ie. Vendor Information, Elections Research, Paper Ballots & Hand Counts, Recounts, Voter List Integrity, etc.

The National Ballot Integrity Project is primarily, but not solely, internet-based. To facilitate coordination and communication among organizations and individuals around the country, this site is designed to serve as a web portal for the election integrity movement, providing interactive discussion forums for each working group, as well as state forums where members can share information on important discoveries, lessons learned and ongoing activities.

We invite you to partner with us in this historic undertaking. Together, we can reclaim our cherished democracy, and restore the sanctity, dignity and integrity of our elections.
copyright © 2004, National Ballot Integrity Project


Previous statements from the NBIPTF

Requiring computerized voting equipment to produce voter-verified paper ballots is an excellent first step toward election system integrity. However, voter-verified paper ballots do not ensure that vote totals generated and reported by computers are accurate.

History has shown that no machine generated vote total can truly be trusted

Accuracy can only be assured through publicly observed hand counts of all ballots cast.

Relying on manual recounts after Election Day is impractical due to substantial legal, financial and logistical obstacles.

A far more timely, accurate and cost-efficient election system is one that requires public hand counting of paper ballots at the polling place immediately upon closing.

Such manual systems are being used successfully in Canada , New Hampshire and Europe .

Computerized voting systems producing voter-verified paper ballots may be used in addition to, but not in lieu of manual systems.

A group of citizens deeply concerned about U.S. election systems integrity has prepared a proposal offering a short and long-term solution.

The proposal requires:

1.The creation of a national citizens task force to ensure honest elections across the nation.

2.The design of a manual election system using paper ballots and hand counts to run in parallel with computerized voting equipment.

3.The creation of a national independent commission working with election officials to ensure the installation of the parallel manual system by November 2, 2004 .

These solutions are described in detail in The Ballot Integrity Project: Proposal for the Creation of a National Task Force. A statement of endorsement for the proposed project and task force is available for signature. Please join us and sign!

Citizens for Election Integrity