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Voters Unite! Participate in Project Myth Breaker

Many local election officials don't have the information they need to make wise decisions about voting equipment. They hear many conflicting stories, and it's hard to tell truth from myth. Here's your opportunity to help.

Join with other voting advocates across the nation to hand-deliver eye-opening information to local election officials. Educate them with: - the real scoop about HAVA misunderstandings

Simply download "Myth Breakers," print it, and take it to your county election official's office.

Read more about the project at

Be part of the nation-wide kick-off event at 1:00 pm EST, Tuesday, April 20 at your county election official's office. For details about the event, see

Together we can show election officials, the media, and the American people that the concern about electronic voting is widespread throughout the nation and based on FACTS.